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Name:Nick Gant
Birthdate:Jan 26
Nick Gant
Nick is a telekinetic, or, using the terminology of the governmental divisions involved with the experimentation on 'special' people since 1945, a mover.

Second generation.


Nick's father, Jonah, was a mover, too, who, along with Nick's mother, Nicole, followed the only Changer that the US Division ever had, Ezra, when he made his stand against the Division, attempting to break free from the lies and manipulation, the experimentation and deceit, and create a better life for people like them, like their children.

When Jonah's road reached its end, he pressed on his son a few instructions - such as, do not make any decisions that any Watcher may track, the key to surviving out of the grasp of the Division. And that one day, a girl would give Nick a flower and ask for his help - and he must help her, help all of them.

And that he believed in him.

Then the Division unit led by the Pusher Henry Carver was upon them. Nick was thrown out of the room by his father before Jonah died, taking out some of the trained personnel sent after him.


Nick did as he was told. He ran. He ran far and well and it took ten years for anyone of the Division to catch up with him; even so, they did not find out about his powers.

Not immediately, at any rate.

The girl came who asked for help; her name is Cassie Holmes, a Watcher, and she asked him to join her in finding another girl, one that the Division were looking for, who was important to the future of all.

She had a flower for him, too.

They found who they were looking for. Her name is Kira, she is a Pusher, and she was Nick's girlfriend before the Division caught her. She escaped as the only survivor, ever, or the drug the Division is trying to use to enhance the powers that the special people have. She ran away with a syringe of that drug; the Division wanted both her and the substance retrieved.


Kira was last seen driving away with Carver. Cassie and Nick escaped the skirmish with their lives and something very precious; now they both have people to retrieve from the Division's grasp.

Oh, and bringing the division down might as well also be on the list of objectives. Used as he may be to life on the run...

... he wants it all to end.

This is the journal of a fictional character. I do not own the character (who is property of the creators of the Push movie and tie-in items) or the actor (Chris Evans) who represents him. All for fun, no misrepresentation intended or profit made. Adult topics may be discussed in this journal.
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